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Energy and Environment:

"Exploring the Impact from the Russian Gas Squeeze on the EU’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Efforts", 2023, with P. Campa and Z. Vlessing 

What does the Gas Crisis Reveal About European Energy Security?", 2022, with C. Le Coq 

Green Concerns and Salience of Environmental Issues in Eastern Europe?", 2022, with C. Le Coq

"Energy Storage: Opportunities and Challenges", 2021, with J. Andersson, C. Le Coq and S. Stromberg

"Covid-19: News for Europe’s Energy Security” (May 2020), with Chloe Le Coq

"Is cutting Russian gas imports too costly for the EU?” (June 2014), with Chloé Le Coq and Jesper Roine

"Green energy: a solution for climate change?” (Feb 2014), with Chloé Le Coq and Jesper Roine

"Buyer Power as a Tool for EU Energy Security” (June 2012), with Chloé Le Coq

Natural resources

"Is There a Dutch Disease in Russian Regions” (Mar 2018), with Chloe Le Coq and Natalia Volchkova

"Empirical Evidence on Natural Resources and Corruption" (Feb 2013) 

Are Natural Resources Good or Bad for Development?” (Nov 2011), with Jesper Roine


"Gender and the Agency Problem” (May 2019)

Public procurement

"Buyer Heterogeneity in Public Procurement” (Nov 2015), with Giancarlo Spagnolo

"Public Procurement Thresholds in Sweden” (May 2015), with Giancarlo Spagnolo

Other publications and reports

"Public Procurement Thresholds and Data in Sweden", with Roman Bobilev, Andrea Guglielmo, and Giancarlo Spagnolo (2015), KKV Report 2015:3

"Supply diversification and allocation of bargaining power in the EU-Russia gas relationship” (2013), Baltic Rim Economies 3:2013

Common Energy Policy in the EU: The Moral Hazard of the Security of External Supply”,  with Chloé Le Coq (2008), SIEPS Report 2008:1

 “Essays on Commitment and Inefficiency in Political Economy”, PhD Thesis, Nov 2006, Stockholm School of Economics.